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Business Friday Workbox System

Your Sunday Basket for Work!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $250 Paid in Form
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Service Description

The Friday Workbox is the solution you’ve been looking for if you  are craving organization in your workplace. If you spend your Monday morning flustered and tying up loose ends from last week, or bring work home every weekend because you just can’t get it all done, the Friday Workbox is for you! The Friday Workbox is a system for organizing and processing all of those actionable “to do” papers that are part of managing most office jobs or other types of work. Built into the Friday Workbox is a complete organization system developed specifically for managing the huge amount of paperwork that comes with working in an office. The system is simple, but the payoff is huge–less weekend work, less Monday scramble, and no losing important work in piles of paper on your desk. The Friday Workbox is both an organizational tool to keep your paper under control, and also a set of routines that will enable you to be more productive and leave work at work. 90 Minutes  $250 Continue to purchase through link in form.

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